Monday, September 4, 2017

The Place We Called Home.

"Called" is the main word in that title up there - the verb tense is what pivots the entire sentence, blankets this post with a bit of nostalgia and a small bite of excitement. R and I 

Here's our little space, the way that it was. It was a home we filled with bright light and dying flowers, packed with candles and big books and haphazard nails on the walls. We bought our little house on Heritage Circle when we were engaged, and it remains one of my favorite places in the world. 
 We kept our bedroom simple and quiet, with a few things on the walls and an old dress I bought years ago that I thought was just so beautiful. I can't count how many people asked if it was my wedding dress - it most definitely wasn't! But I wouldn't have minded! 
 I took this photo before I went to work one morning - I loved the moody lighting despite the eventual graininess of the shot. 
 Our little office. It made us feel so twee to have such a thing - the office finally came together, as opposed to being a junk room. 
Our bedroom was always filled with light...I miss those floor-to-ceiling windows. They'll definitely be a must when we find our home for the long-term. 

 Pre-painted cabinets were an awkward, orangey color. We colored them white and added new hardware as soon as we could!
The entire house was carpeted when we bought, but with the help of some family and a long weekend we managed to pull together some beautiful dark laminate flooring. 

 Before we fixed up the office, we kept our library in the dining room. Doesn't it sound sweet, to spend your life surrounded by story?
 The light, the light. Always the light. 
Phoebe enjoying my annual Christmas Eve tradition...

We spent many a storm on that front porch, watching the sky fall from just beyond the roof. 

 The sweetest little helpers in the kitchen - Christmas in this home was beautiful. Our first one...
My heart, my home, my love.  

This was the first place we were first a family, and there's nothing more beautiful and full than that.