Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Margot + Richie...

...Tenenbaum, that is.

If you haven't watched, "The Royal Tenenbaums" yet, you probably should. I watched it for the first time half asleep, with a boy I thought I loved, and it will forever have a a nostalgic tinge to it. 

R and I watched the strange trials and troubles of the Tenenbaum family a few years later on our first, "date," with too much Chinese food and a whole lot of flirting on the side. 

It's a good thing. Watch the trailer, here. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sump Coffee on a Saturday

Sump Coffee, a Missouri-based roaster and retail space opened their second location in Nashville this past month. The St. Louis flagship shop has long since been a mecca of sorts for Midwestern caffeine addicts, and R + I managed to pop in last year on a quick trip to the city. The dark accents and transcendant skull-centric branding creates a sense of ethereal nostalgia run deep in the daily tradition of coffee cups and mugs. 
The minimalist and modern space is flooded with light, a haven for people-watchers and early-birds alike. Victory red chairs and grainy wood tables are scattered liberally across the coffee shop, creating a communal vibe and warm atmosphere for visitors. Nashville's coffee revolution began to take heat in 2014 with the opening of Barista Parlor's second satellite shop, Golden Sound, in the Gulch. The city has since seen a rapid influx of coffee shops, from Steadfast in Germantown to the newest location of Red Bicycle that opened off of Nolensville Pike. Music City thrives on a solid caffeine fix and stark millennial aesthetic, infusing local economy with a solid stream of native Nashvillian and tourist dollars. For all of you Nashville readers? You won't find the Slayer of Barista Parlor fame at Sump - instead, enjoy espresso from the Netherland-manufactured Kees Van Der Westen machine.  Owner Scott Carey states that he would like to, "open up new forms of dialogue about coffee vis-a-vis his equipment choices".  
Robert is a huge fan of  African coffees, and paired his Ethiopian blend with my ultra-uncool cortado. I can't do it, guys - black coffee is just too acidic for my stomach. Believe me. I've tried. That being said - I buy Latin American coffee beans above most everything else, and I'll stand by my Guatemalan sourced beans with gusto. 
You can find Sump Coffee in West Nashville, at 8 City Boulevard. Keep in mind - it's tucked away unassumingly in a local business park, just behind Pastaria.