Monday, March 6, 2017

A Tiny Bite of the Big Apple

Ugh. That title is SO. ANNOYING. But I could help myself and it seems fairly (basic) fitting when it comes to how little we took pictures in the city. 

We made up a little video that I'll be sharing next week(?), but otherwise this is all we've got. 

 Happy one year, R. You're my hero.

Walking the Brooklyn Promenade is one of our favorite things to do in New York - the view is stunning and the people are (mostly) locals. It's easy to pretend we don't have to return to the heat and stick of the south with the water to our left and Brooklyn at the right. 

PS: Read this gorgeous article written by Stella Blackmon of Cup of Jo - what a beautiful way to spend a lifetime. 
You've probably wondered at one time or another where to find this iconic shot of the Manhattan Bridge - you can click through here to find it!
In love with this view from our apartment - we rented a space in Park Slope, since it's one of the areas we would (maybe) look at living. Aren't these photos gorgeous?!

A bit of Brooklyn. 
100% the love of my life. 
Since I work freelance, we usually get up early in the mornings to bust out a few articles and check emails. We stayed in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, and EveryMan Espresso ended up being our favorite study spot. 
A quiet moment on the Upper West Side. 
The Museum of Natural History is forever our favorite museum in New York City - ugh, gasp! I know. We're children at heart and R can't get enough of factoids and space displays in the planetarium. I think the most beautiful/jaw dropping/ARE WE REALLY SEEING THIS?! display is Lucy. Need to jog your memory? 

We took this photo after whispering our way through the New York City Public Library, then headed to our show in Times Square. R surprised me with tickets to, "The Phantom of the Opera," and it's absolutely beautiful on the Great White Way. 
Ugh. This is my nerd moment - the house used in, "The Royal Tenenbaums." I do you remember this beautiful scene?!
'Til next time, New York. You were kind and good and crazy, and your subways will forever make me wish for a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer. 

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